sábado, diciembre 31, 2005

Yeay! it's the Pope!...

viernes, diciembre 30, 2005

Blade Gets Lodged In Boy Scout's Brain

Doctor: Major Vessel In Brain Missed By Millimeters.

A 14-year-old Boy Scout in Salt Lake City, Utah, is lucky to be alive this holiday season after a knife became lodged between his eyes, millimeters from a major blood vessel in his brain, in a freak accident, according to a Local 6 News report.

Kevin Coulter was raking leaves with his scout troop for a neighbor in Salt Lake City when one of the Boy Scout leaders accidentally flung the nearly 2-inch blade while trying to catch another scout who had tripped.

The Leatherman's tool flew about 15 feet and struck the teen between the eyes.

"They've seen other things in heads, but nothing like that," Coulter said. "It was dark. It was like 8:30 p.m. and there was a light and I saw it flash before it hit me."

The blade pierced Coulter's sinuses and went between his front lobes, millimeters from hitting a major blood vessel in his brain.

"That's the best spot, you know, if you're going to have a knife in your head," Coulter said.

Since the blade was removed from Coulter's head, he has had no complications, according to the report.

martes, diciembre 27, 2005

Camel Toe

Esta foto me la encontre en un foro y varias personas dieron su comentario:

  • Wanda "Mooselips" Johnson seen here with her sister complains that she has to fight off men with a stick.

  • The longtime boyfriend of Shaniqua (on the right), a man who goes by the pseudonym 'DownSouthJukin', refused to appear to answer to her allegations that "He my babies' daddy!".

  • "I was first on the scene of the big fire at the Tyson chicken farm last month".

  • Shaniqua (one on the right) "Camel toe, what camel toe you be talkin' 'bout?".

  • Please pardon me but I have to fart!."If you can't find my pussy, I have a mouth you can cum to".

  • Camel toe with a gland disorder.

  • A prime example of F.U.P.A. (Fat Upper Pussy Area).

  • "I am sporting bad hair in the hope that people will talk about that instead of about the rest of me!".

  • Was her last fart named "katrina"???

  • What camel toe? looks like a goddamned asscrack to me!

  • "I offered to pay for the two seats on the plane, and they'd say they couldn't sell me any tickets 'cause the "pay 4 4 one" was planned until late 2007..."

  • "My boyfriend Ren5150 uses a toilet brush to wash my front ass and my back ass".

  • "Do this outfit make me look like Halle Berry?".

  • If you don't watch yo'self sistah; I'm gonna eat YOU too.

  • "Aren't you psyched to be in the all black remake of RETURN OF THE JEDI" says Niggah The Hut to 227-PO.


jueves, diciembre 22, 2005

Double-Mouthed Fish Pulled From Nebraska Lake

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- This fish didn't have a chance. A rainbow trout pulled out of Holmes Lake last weekend had double the chance to get hooked: It had two mouths.

Clarence Olberding, 57, wasn't just telling a fisherman's fib when he called over another angler to look at the two-mouthed trout. It weighed in at about a pound.

"I reached down and grabbed it to take the hook out, and that's when I noticed that the hook was in the upper mouth and there was another jaw protruding out below," said Olberding.

He said in his 40 years of fishing, he's never seen anything like it.

Don Gabelhouse, head of the fisheries division of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, said a two-mouthed fish was new to him, too.

"It's probably a genetic deformity," he said. "I don't think there's anything wrong with it."

The second mouth didn't appear to be functional, Olberding said. He has plans for the fish, which don't included mounting.

"I'm going to smoke it up and eat it," he said.

miércoles, diciembre 14, 2005