lunes, febrero 14, 2005

Message from SATCH...

Feb 8, 2005
It's February, 2005 and we are gearing up for another exciting year of live shows and recording! But, did you know that the Peavey JSX head won Amp of the Year at this year's NAMM show? Well it did! And we managed to release the combo version at the show as well. The new combo comes in a 2x12 enclosure and has added reverb and a half power switch for extra tonal possibilities. At the Ibanez booth, which had the most amazing three story Ultra Man figure presiding over the whole affair, we released the new JS Chrome guitar. It's a limited edition specially plated wood JS1000, with an added phase switch just for fun. Get 'em while you can! Oh yeah, you must check out the new book on the history of Ibanez. It's a fantastic book that tells the whole story and is filled with photos of guitars, artists and all the cool people who make and have made the Hoshino company what it is today.

Now that I'm officially cured of my pneumonia I'm eager to get back to rockin' out! Thanks for all the "get well" wishes{:?}. (LOL xD)

Our touring schedule as of this date will bring us to Australia and New Zealand in March, the West Coast of the USA in April and Japan (G3 w/ Vai/Petrucci) in May (OMG O_o!!!). I'm waiting to hear about a possible European Festival tour, when I know, you will too!

Recording will most likely start in the fall. but, we might try a few things during the summer as well. Don't ask me what direction I'm going in with the new stuff, 'cause I don't know yet myself! (LOL xD)

I'll be back,