miércoles, agosto 17, 2005

F*cking Villagers Say No to Name Change

The residents of F*cking, a village in Austria, have voted to retain the name of their 800 year old settlement despite a spate of roadsigns being stolen by sniggering British tourists.

"We had a vote last year on whether to rename the town, but decided to keep it as it is. After all, F*cking has existed for 800 years, probably when a Mr F*ck or the F*ck family moved into the area" the Mayor explained.

The problem first emerged after the Second World War when British and US soldiers passed though the village and explained to the locals what was so amusing.

So now...


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Blogger Jar G. dijo...

Desde luego!

Ha de ser un orgullo vivir en un pueblo llamado F*cking.


11:27 a. m.  
Blogger JM dijo...

- ¿Donde naciste?
- En F*cking...


2:06 p. m.  
Blogger JM dijo...

Version 2.0

Alguien le dice a otro
- ¿De donde eres originario?
- De F*cking
- ...no pos si


7:26 p. m.  

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